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This was a wide angle view of a straight Championship Race meeting at Moreton in Marsh.

Brief summary of Whippet Racing with the WCRA - this is a Personal Account, it has been taken from an article translated and published in Europe during 2011.

In the UK owners of Whippets that race have always been particular to consider weight rather than height of their whippets.  This may well be the underlining factor as to why the UK whippet is considered as narrow by those who have Whippets in Europe. In the late 1960s interested owners who wanted to promote organised racing formed the British Whippet Racing Association (BWRA). It is stated that in order to keep control over Whippets, The Whippet Club (the oldest whippet breed club in the UK)  formed a sub-committee called the Whippet Club Racing Association (WCRA) to promote pedigree whippet racing. Part of the WCRA ruling made it illegal for registered owners to win prize money; this was to reinforce the amateur status of pedigree whippet racing in the UK. At this time pedigree whippets also raced with the BWRA but with the introduction of Greyhound and Terrier blood into this type of racing dog and with their larger weight limits and no height limits the pedigree whippets did not continue to race with the BWRA. These non-pedigree whippets are much faster and with the ability to crossbreed with other hounds have a much larger gene pool. It was fashionable in those days to use small Greyhound bitches (around 40 lbs – 18 kg) with whippet dogs to produce racing whippets, but these could not be registered with the UK Kennel Club. I can remember my family saying that with a pedigree whippet you were able to compete at ‘big’ Shows, in the Coursing field (live hares at that time) and on the Racetrack. With non-pedigree whippets your options were much more limited.

It is true to state that pedigree Whippet Racing in the UK is popular, most clubs are for Whippets only, some build their track each week across playing fields and 150 yards (138 m) straight is the most popular racing distance. The WCRA Championships have been held four times a year, two meeting are on the straight 150 yards (138m) track and the other two over 240 yards (222 m) bends. These meetings are in 2lb (1 kg) weight groups, between 16-32lbs (7-15 kg) with all bitches under the 20 inches (50 cm) limit and dogs under 21 inches (53 cm).  The bitches and dogs run together in the races.  In recent times over 200 whippets have raced at this type of meeting. Professional Greyhound racing is in decline, with a number of stadiums closing. The recent lost of the east London, Walthamstowe stadium (now part of the development for the 2012 Olympic Games) where we have seen 4000 spectators eating in the restaurants and watch Whippets race for charity, organised by me, is now only part of our sports history. Is it possible that the new facilities built for the London Olympics in 2012 may well be converted to host dog racing in the future? We wait and see.

  Rob Rixon

The aim of owners is to win the Championship weight group that their Whippet runs in.  Below are the winners of the Last Championship Weight Groups which was held at Maidstone on Sunday, 16th August 2015.  The distance was over 180 yards on a straight track.  The complete results can be found under Championships tag on this site.

Last Championship Group Winners
  • 16lbs Group Winner

    No runners in this group.

  • 18lbs Group Winner

    WCRCh Ameesha Little Ebs (Ameesha Pure Spirit) owned by E Villis.

  • 20lbs Group Winner

    Satin Secret  (Awfully Nice) owned by  Carol Brown.

  • 22lbs Group Winner

    WCRCh The Poet (Chalkners Gone for a Run) owned by David Favell.

  • 24lbs Group Winner

    Blue Dynamite Girl (Blue Bonnie Scotland) owned by M Thomson.

  • 26lbs Group Winner

    WCRCh Fenland Whisper (Spinning Star) owned by P Billingham.

  • 28lbs Group Winner

    WCRCh Leavit to Me (Star of Mountdillion) owned by Jim McLoughlin.

  • 30lbs Group Winner

    WCRCh Nip ' n' Tuck (Goodad Arch Event) owned by Patricia Gant.

  • 32lbs Group Winner

    WCRCh Markamy's Red Fred (Goodad Another Citizen) owned by D & S Bursey

Moreton in Marsh
Championship Race Start

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