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45th Season - 2015 it would seem that the Championships are to be held in Kent with the majority of owners needing to use the Dartford Crossing to get from Essex into Kent on the M25.  You need to be aware that the Toll Booths are to be removed and everyone using the crossing from 1st Dec 2014 will have had to pre-pay their toll fees, it is now a Cashless Toll system.  I'm sure there will be more details soon but it will not be possible to turn-up at the crossing and pay on the day!  Penalties for not pre-paying have been set at £70 which will make it an expensive days racing.

Some sites come and some sites go
 - It is a bit disappointing that I haven't been informed of all the racing results during 2014, but as this was just an experimental site created almost 3 years ago I think it has done well.  I agreed to review the continuation of the site over the next few weeks and keep you posted.

Superstars leagues.  I'm aware that this is the only on-line site that attempts to keep you up to date with the Leagues positions and that I may have your whippet in the wrong league - if this is the case a simple trip to the Contact Me page with the correct information will soon remove these errors.  Tables are up until the 3rd Championships.

Good Bye to Mel Davis - a big thanks to Mel who has now resigned from the committee.  Mel built a 24v Lure Machine which was to a fantastic design.  Based on a 24v MOD Landrover starter motor running pulleys to control the initial speed.  Mel will be missed, we hope he keeps in touch.

And Good Bye to Moreton in Marsh Cricket Ground.  It will be difficult for the WCRA committee to match the facilities and condition of the land for the 2015 season.  A big thanks must go to the Ground staff who helped prepare the tracks over the years.

Straight Tracks were constructed across this part of the football pitches.

Bend Tracks were constructed around the outfield in front of the Pavilion.

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