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The Taunton Vale Open - is at the Taunton Vale Polo Ground on Sunday, 27th July 2014 and organised by the West Somerset WRC.  The closing date is now past.  Details are under the News & Calendar tag.  Good Luck to all those owners attending with their Whippets.

Second Championships - this 240 yards bends meeting was held under a cloudy sky, but with temperatures in the low 20s C.  Group Winner's photos are listed at the bottom of the site's Home Page.  Full results are under the Championship tag.

Superstars leagues now up dated - with your help.  I'm aware that this is the only on-line site that attempts to keep you up to date with the Leagues positions and that I may have your whippet in the wrong league - if this is the case a simple trip to the Contact Me page with the correct information will soon remove these errors.

World Championships - this year the meeting is to be held in Tampere in Finland on 6th & 7th September.  Details on http://www.suomenvinttikoiraliitto.fi/mm2014/ 

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