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Corn Survey in Sighthounds by Richard Doughty BVSc, MB, ChB(Hons).  Details of this Veterinary Research Work is on the News and Calendar page.  If your Whippet has suffered with Corns Richard would like you to complete his Survey as part of his Research into the subject.

Fourth Championship was run in Kent on Sunday, 4th October 2015 - held over 240 yards on the Maidstone bend track -  weather, warm & sunny.  The entry was again disappointingly low for this Championship meeting. Congratulations to the winners - the full results pages are now under the the Championship tag on this site.  Some Group winner's photographs will be on the Home page.

Two new Champions - congratulations to the owners of these dogs on winning their titles at the Championships - WCRCh Sapphire's Peridot and WCRCh Cheeky Devil.  Some will have photos under the Championship tag.

Photographs taken at the Championships - a note in the programme made it clear that the WCRA committee do not wish me to publish any photographs I may have taken on these web pages of this last Championship of 2015.  So if you would like me to add a picture of your winning dog email me with a photo and I'll add the photo to the pages.

Christine Ruffles - has left the committee.  Thanks to Chris for all her time and work during the last few seasons.  The job of Disqualifications Officer has now been taken over by Association Chairman Mark Etheridge.

Superstars leagues.  The points scheme has been amended for the 2015 season, may be as a result of the actions of the Affiliated Clubs.  Winners of Championship weight groups will now be awarded 16 points.  See changes in Superstars rules tag under the Main tag Constitution and Rules.  With the complexity of points being scored at a single Open for two or three competitions it is not possible for me to keep the leagues up to date.  I will endeavour to do my best.

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