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A year of Change and Conciliation - WCRChairman, Mark Ethridge reported at the Whippet Club's AGM on the 2014 season.  He reported that they had heard rumours in Mid year that "they had outstayed their welcome" at Moreton and that there was "now a no dogs policy" at the Cricket Club.

New members of the committee - Janis Burrow & Ian German were elected onto the
WCRA committee at the 2015 Whippet Club's AGM.  It is good that there will be some local helpers at the 'new' Championship venue in Kent.  Congratulations go to Tony Mitchell for being awarded the Lady Moonshire trophy for services to Racing - Tony was responsible for the bend track design and construction at the 4th Champs 2014 at Moreton in Marsh.

5th Season - 2015 the Championships are to be held in Kent with the majority of owners needing to use the Dartford Crossing to get from Essex into Kent on the M25.  You need to be aware that the Toll Booths have been removed and everyone using the crossing from 1st Dec 2014 will have had to pre-pay their toll fees or pay within so many hours of crossing.  Dartford is now a Cashless Toll system.  Penalties for not pre-paying have been set at £70 which will make it an expensive days racing.

Superstars leagues.  The points scheme has been amended for the 2015 season, may be as a result of the actions of the Affiliated Clubs.  Winners of Championship weight groups will now be awarded 16 points.  This will be interesting in the lightweight groups where a single dog may well get 18 points and not beat a single dog on the track.  See changes in Superstars rules tag under the Main tag Constitution and Rules.

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